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Title: Asuravithu Review
Author: Vishnu P
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‘Asuravithu’, the latest offering from A.K Sajan – the mastermind behind the notoriously dark films like Lanka, Stop Violence, Red Chillies,...
‘Asuravithu’, the latest offering from A.K Sajan – the mastermind behind the notoriously dark films like Lanka, Stop Violence, Red Chillies, Dhrona 2010 (the best title in Malayalam of all times, hands down!) etc., is an endlessly amusing film for all the wrong reasons. Not really surprising for some of us who have actually experienced some of the aforementioned films. But it is still amazing how our film-makers gets us off guard just when we think things can’t get any worse. No matter how low you keep your expectations, no matter how prepared you are; you will still cringe in your seats crying out for redemptio. Okay, not really. But close. Very very close.
Let us cut to the good news. Well, the good news is that if you have a decent sense of humour, you can have a good time at the theatres. Yes sir, Asuravethu gives you plenty of opportunity for that. The film is nearly a book work on how to be unintentionally funny. And a pretty good one at that (okay, this can be said about most of our movies these days. But you know). Every other scene offers us something in the line of unintentional hilarity. As a matter of fact, once you start laughing, which admittedly is a hard thing to do especially when you’ve paid for the tickets, you can hardly stop!

Now if you’re in the mood for nit picking, it is not really going to be your day. If you decide to chase down every single fault of the movie, you are simply doing it wrong in my opinion. I mean, how on earth are you going to figure out what is worse – Asif Ali trying painfully hard to look menacing but ending up being uproariously silly or the painfully unimaginative dialogues or the nonsensical performances from the cast or the overused wacky split screens or the weird characters or the excessively stylized boring visuals or the zero attention to details or the mind numbingly stupid logic or the… well, you see, this is not easy.  And we shouldn’t even try. But one thing that really stood out of all these bullshit was the superbly funny group of villains led by Vijayaraghavan. I can’t even begin to explain how much fun they were on screen, you really have to see it for yourself. Also the villains are all Jews in a way that it is almost racist. Quiet weird because that’s a new realm for Malayalam cinema.
The director, as you would expect, has crammed the film with his usual obscure iniquities and his extremist views on the society that hardly works. Well, it works for it leaves a bad taste in our mouth but beyond that, I don’t see what it achieves. The film attempts to challenge the religious system and the related absurdities but never in a convincing or a consistent way.  Like it isn’t even sure of what it is trying to say. So is that all? Does this film actually have some hidden agenda and could it be not what it seems to be? Is the film actually a secret ode to Satan? Does it, beneath all its fake stupidity, actually conspire to spread diabolism? Hahaha…just kidding!
Also, did you know that Asuravithu is actually a sequel to AK Sajan debut film ‘Stop Violence’ and Asif Ali’s character Don Bosco is actually the son of Prthiviraj’s character from Stop violence?

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